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“Nice” School, Part 4: Consideration

Issue 10 and Volume 165.

BY ALAN BRUNACINI In recent columns, we have had a wide-ranging discussion (including diners!) about how we must make positive customer service a regular part of virtually everything we do. In fact, we should develop the standard organizational routine of asking ourselves how whatever we are doing at that moment contributes to effectively serving Mrs. Smith. If what we are doing does not in some way serve her, we should simply stop doing that and start doing what does serve her. The “Does this help Mrs. Smith?” question should be how we evaluate just about every activity we engage in. The answer to the question should separate the beef from the baloney. I have in previous columns described my preoccupation with just tactical stuff and how long it took for the customer part of what we do to finally do forcible entry on my thick skull. The two–operational/tactical effectiveness and…

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