Tenants use Fire Extinguisher to Extinguish Apartment Fire

An electrical fire caused approximately $5,000 in damage to a duplex at 3006-3008 Cross St. in the Bondsville section early Tuesday morning, and Bondsville Fire Chief Scott D. Gustafson credited the tenants, who used a fire extinguisher, with preventing the fire from potentially spreading to the second floor. Gustafson said approximately 12 firefighters responded to the fire that was reported just before 4 a.m. and were on scene about two hours. There were no injuries. “It appears at this point it is accidental, electrical in nature,” Gustafson said. The fire started on the back deck, and burned the area around the back door. Tenant Steven J. Rusiecki, of 3006 Cross St., said he had gotten up about 30 minutes earlier to go to the bathroom and let his cat inside, and nothing was amiss. He said he was woken up by the sounds of “crackling” and saw the flames. “I came downstairs and it was all in flames. I grabbed the fire extinguisher,” Rusiecki said. Rusiecki and his two roommates can stay at the duplex; the other side is empty. The duplex is owned by Philip Dunaj and Sarah Phelps of Ludlow. Gustafson said the tenants kept a fire extinguisher in the kitchen, which leads out to the deck. “They kept it contained until we got there,” Gustafson said.