Firefighters Missed Body in IN Apartment Fire

Indianapolis (IN) firefighters didn’t find the body of a man killed in an apartment fire until a month after the incident.

WISH TV reports ( that the body of Darrin Anderson wasn’t discovered until 30 days after the fatal August 5 fire that killed him.

The victim’s sister, Karla Jones, says she filed a missing persons report but nothing happened until neighbors complained about a foul smell.

Fire investigators say they completed a primary and secondary search of the apartment. Plus, they say neighbors told them no one was home. Anderson was buried under debris in the kitchen where the fire started.

“Unfortunately, we missed this body. It is not something that happens,” Deputy Chief Ken Bacon said. “We feel very badly it happened, especially for the family.”

In this case, the firefighters did not go back in the kitchen to check under the debris. Chief Bacon says normally that happens.

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