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Las Vegas Firefighter Union Ready to Oppose Report

Las Vegas taxpayers are paying $155,000 for an extensive study of the city’s fire department — that concerns  the president of the Las Vegas Firefighters Local 1285, reports KLAS-TV Las Vegas.

“What they do is go around, they hire supposed experts,” Dean Fletcher, president of Las Vegas Firefighters Local 1285 said. “A lot of them are from smaller fire departments that don’t do what we do as modern fire departments in the western United States.”

The cost to operate the fire department has grown to $111 million a year and the city hired ICMA, a management association, to find ways to save money.

“They come in and basically say, ‘Don’t worry, everything will be OK when we dismantle your fire departments and have less firefighters on duty,’ ” Fletcher said.

According to the city, ICMA has made hundreds of police and fire departments more efficient.

Fletcher said the union is concerned previous ICMA recommendations for other cities, such as two-man fire pickup trucks, rather than fire engines, is asking for a disaster.

The unions have long maintained that fire departments do a better job, with faster response times, than private ambulance companies.

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