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HAZMAT Situation Will Cost Ware MA Department Thousands

An anonymous call about suspicious activity that involved potentially incendiary devices in Ware (MA) led to a search that was eventually called off, but it’s cost will impact taxpayers, reports WGGB.

Every member of Ware’s Fire Department was called in, for all those hours, cost taxpayers thousands. “I know for the town it’ll be in the tens of thousands of dollars. There were multiple agents brought out. There was DPW bringing out barricades for road closures, the police had a wide response for it to keep all the roads closed. I know for the Fire Department alone it’ll be about $4,000,” said Ware Fire Chief Thomas Coulombe.

Even after everything, some people still felt that they’re in the dark about what exactly triggered the situation.

Coulombe admits that when it came to informing folks about what was going on, it should have been handled a little differently.

“I think there are things that we did very well and there’s things that we can improve on. We live in a day where people expect instant communication, but in some instances that’s not going to be realistic because we want to make sure that we’re giving correct facts because sometimes info if it’s not correct is worse than not giving out the information,” Coulombe adds.

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