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“Nice” School, Part 5: Kindness, Kindness, and Kindness

Issue 11 and Volume 165.

BY ALAN BRUNACINI We have been describing what we do when we deliver service using the process of being nice. Respect, consideration, kindness, and patience are the behaviors that Mrs. Smith describes when she remembers how we treated her and her family and her dog and cat, and how we took care of the pictures of her kids she had on the top of the coffee table in her living room on the day she had “her fire” and called us for help. We have discussed how street respect occurs when we understand and effectively react to what is going on in the customer’s life when we are called for help. Many times we respond to solve a problem the customer caused—this is a very special time when that person is many times at a (very decided) disadvantage. Generally, it is not a happy day at the beach when you…

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