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Bath Salts and Synthetic Marijuana: An Emerging Threat

Issue 11 and Volume 165.

BY ROMMIE L. DUCKWORTH April 5, 2011. Spanaway, Washington: Medic and Army Sergeant Dave Stewart, high on bath salts bought at a local pipe shop, killed himself and his wife during a police pursuit. Their five-year-old son was also found dead in the car. August 21, 2011. Bowling Green, Kentucky: Teenager Ashley Stillwell became paralyzed while smoking 7H, a form of synthetic marijuana, with her friends. She lay on the floor, helpless, as her friends discussed what to do, including how to dispose of her body. June 5, 2012. Austin, Texas: Eighteen-year-old Giovanni Leask was arrested for attacking and kicking a paramedic in the throat while he was being treated for injuries resulting from his jumping off a bridge. Leask was high on bath salts at the time. Around the country and across the news, stories like these are playing out with alarming frequency. Emergency services are confronted by horrific…

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