Detroit Fire Officials Report 93 Fires During Angels Night Period

Detroit officials say that with a reported 93 fires during a three-day period that Angels’ Night was a success, reports Angels’ Night is an event designed to mitigate criminal acts, such as arson, associated with Devil’s Night in Detroit.

“Last year we had 94 fires,” Mayor Dave Bing said. “And we we’re pretty happy about that because it was the lowest number we’ve had in a number of years.”

Detroit Fire Commissioner Donald Austin reported 39 fires in occupied dwellings, 20 fires in vacant buildings, 12 automobile fires, 18 rubbish fires and four in garages.

He said about 66 percent appear to be suspicious in nature. No arrests for arson were made.

The Detroit Fire Department responds on average to 40 fires per day, said Austin. The pace was averaging about 30 throughout the Angels’ Night period, a decline which he attributes to increased patrols and harsh, cold weather.

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