Extrication Zone, Firefighting, Leadership

Commanding the Retirement Incident

Issue 12 and Volume 165.

BY PAUL HOYLE Eventually, if we are fortunate, each of us will reach the point in our career when we can start to consider the option of retirement. For those of us who have prepared well and have given retirement the proper amount of planning, this can be a great opportunity to seek out new goals and challenges. Whether you are a paid firefighter completing a career in local government or a volunteer approaching the end of a career in business or industry, being aware of the pitfalls that an unwary firefighter might encounter can help to make the decision to retire a blessing rather than an administrative and fiscal nightmare. Most of us are not enamored with administrative processes. On the other hand, we are pretty comfortable making critical decisions on the fireground. We can use this expertise to approach the retirement problem from a familiar perspective. SIZE-UP As…

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