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The Five-Minute Drill

Issue 12 and Volume 165.

By MITCH SAUER A measurement of how well your crew performs fundamental fireground skills is whether or not they have to think of the steps to accomplish basic tasks-in other words, are they unconsciously competent? The Conscious-Competence Ladder (also called the Conscious-Competence Matrix or the Learning Matrix) is a simple four-step learning process. As a student, you progress through the following four steps: 1. Unconsciously incompetent; 2. consciously incompetent; 3. consciously competent; and 4. unconsciously competent. Remember when you learned how to tie your shoes? You started off not knowing that shoes needed to be tied, let alone how to tie them (unconsciously incompetent). When your mom got tired of tying your shoes for you, she showed you how to do it, but you still needed help (consciously incompetent). With a little practice, you got to the point where you could think through each step and tie your shoes (consciously…

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