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“Nice” School, Part 6: Patience, Patience, and Patience

Issue 12 and Volume 165.

BY ALAN BRUNACINI We have been discussing how we describe the word “nice” when we talk about delivering positive customer service. In the past three columns, we outlined basic behaviors in which we can engage to create an effective connection to the person we are serving. I am certain I have exhausted the very patient reader by recounting my experience in watching firefighters helping and interacting with Mrs. Smith and then outlining the behaviors we have observed. We have talked (a lot) about the basic foundation of establishing a positive relationship between the customer and the fire department-that it is simply sending to that person the personal and authentic message that we respect him/her. This is not complex, but it is very powerful. When we relate respectfully to the customer and the customer’s situation, we establish a positive connection with that person. Lots of times, what we say first can…

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