Apparatus & Equipment, Firefighting, Truck Company

Greatest Gifts of All

Issue 12 and Volume 165.

By Michael N. Ciampo Walking into the firehouse and seeing the spare apparatus in the bay, I knew that my tour was already off to a bad start. We’ve all been there: We get so accustomed to our own apparatus and where our equipment is located, and all of a sudden we have to refocus and start looking for things. Jumping up into the cab and glancing around, I saw where the gas and carbon monoxide meters were; the thermal imagining camera (TIC) and flashlight were both in their chargers with red lights glowing, meaning they were charging; and the important access keys to certain buildings and locations were hanging in place on the master clip. Feeling more at ease now that the introduction period was over, I crossed my fingers that this spare apparatus would ride and operate smoothly. As the tour proceeded, we were having an average night…

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