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Drexel University to study firefighter job safety “culture”

Issue 12 and Volume 165.

Building on an existing research project in which the components of a national firefighter nonfatal injury data system and tools to improve on-the-job safety for firefighters have been developed, Drexel University is now undertaking a new project to create a survey that will measure the safety climate of a fire department-the organization’s attitudes toward safe behavior, or a “culture of safety.” Dr. Jennifer A. Taylor, an assistant professor in Drexel’s School of Public Health, is the head researcher in these projects. The research is being funded by Assistance to Firefighters Fire Prevention and Safety grants, administered by the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the Department of Homeland Security. “When there is a positive safety climate in a firehouse,” Taylor asserts, “that means the leadership puts a high value on being safe. That value gets out to the frontline workers, who change their behaviors to safe ones.” She cites “simple steps”…

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