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Arlington Fire Department Donates Truck to High School Fire Training Academy

The Arlington (TX) school board accepted the 1998 pumper truck that has been on loan to the district for five years for its High School Fire Academy.

It will be used to train fire academy students on basic fire pump theory and operations, fire stream and hose skills, and vehicle operation. The district will maintain the truck, and return it to the city after five years if it is no longer used in classes.

The academy is a two-year program aimed at turning out ready-to-hire graduates certified as firefighters and emergency medical technicians. Located at Sam Houston High School, it is a joint venture of the school district, Tarrant County College and the fire department.

Graduates will have the basic certification to go directly to work at many fire departments. They also will earn up to 24 hours of college credit that can be transferred to TCC, which offers an associate degree in fire professions.

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