Firefighter Training, Firefighting, Fireground Safety

Fire Safety Education for Young Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Issue 01 and Volume 166.

BY TIMOTHY A. LEIDIG Most individuals in American society have received some sort of fire safety education in school, on television, or from some other source. Even with basic knowledge, when a smoke or fire alarm sounds, the question can be posed: Why do these individuals experience a brief sensation of fear, panic, and confusion? Generally, the sensations pass, and the individual is able to rely on basic knowledge and take appropriate actions of notification, evacuation, or problem solving. These actions can be carried out when an individual is out of his normal surrounding-for example, people visiting a movie theater will subconsciously locate the nearest exit or, if in a hotel, locate the exits for an emergency escape. This all becomes second nature for adults exposed to fire safety education and able to use appropriate skills for the emergency. An autistic individual put into this type of an emergency situation,…

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