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B.L.A.S.T. the Fire

Issue 01 and Volume 166.

BY GRANT SCHWALBE It is said that the actions taken in the first five minutes determine the outcome of a fire-a tremendous amount of pressure for the first-arriving officer. How do you teach a new officer how to take all he has learned and quickly look at a fire and set the plan in motion? There are numerous size-up point memory aids, such as COAL WAS WEALTH, IDEAL, WALLACE WAS HOT, RECEO VS, and others. Although these acronyms include very important information, they are difficult to remember unless you have a tactical worksheet in front of you. As a young officer, it can be overwhelming and dizzying trying to find a way to put all of this into a practical, usable template. A simple acronym, B.L.A.S.T., allows you to systematically size up an incident and quickly establish the initial incident action plan (IAP). Size-up is divided into five main groups.…

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