Killings and Fire at Home of Las Vegas Police Officer

A Las Vegas police officer killed his wife and son shortly before setting his house on fire and killing himself, reports the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Boulder City police responded to an 8:20 a.m. call. The home is owned by Las Vegas police Lt. Hans Walters and his wife, Kathryn Michelle Walters.

When officers responded, the man was outside the home carrying what appeared to be a handgun. He ignored officers’ commands and returned to the burning home where it is believed he committed suicide.

Henderson Police Department spokesman Keith Paul said the man involved was a Las Vegas police employee.

Hans Walters works in the patrol division of Enterprise Area Command.

Kathryn Walters is a former Las Vegas police officer. She left the department in 2005.

Firefighters arrived soon after the officers and began dousing the flames, even as the officers continued to circle the house with their guns drawn.

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