Fire Rekindles at Chicago Warehouse

Fire Rekindles at Chicago Warehouse. Photo by Steve Redick (
Photo of the original 5-alarm response to the warehouse fire. By Steve Redick (

Fire rekindled the day after a fire in a warehouse required a massive response by firefighters in the Bridgeport section of Chicago, Illinois.

Chicago Fire Department spokeswoman Meg Ahlheim told reporter Peter Nickeas from the Chicago Tribune ( that officials expected the fire to rekindle because of the size of the fire and the contents of the warehouse, which had old timber in it.

Firefighters expected the fire to rekindle in areas where the roof and floors had collapsed because of “hot spots” underneath that crews had been unable to reach during the 5-11 alarm response.

In the follow-up response this morning, the Chicago Fire Department deployed a piece of equipment from the 1960s dubbed “Big Mo” that can shoot 2,000 to 3,000 gallons of water per minute from two turrets fed by 10 water lines.

Chicago fire photographer Steve Redick ( said the structure was of old mill-style construction and had housed a furniture and lamp company in the past. During the initial response, firefighters positioned themselves on an unusual overpass in front of the building, but because of the potential for collapse they had to remain clear of the front of the fire building.

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