Two Found Dead at Buckeye Lake OH Home

Firefighters found the bodies of two adults after a house caught fire near Buckeye Lake (OH), reports

A total of seven people live in the home. Five family members were able to escape from the home safely. They told arriving firefighters that there were still two adults missing from the home.

Firefighters immediately began a rescue but the flames took over and it became unsafe for firefighters to be inside of the structure. They exited the home and began fighting the fire defensively.

According to Fairfield County Sheriff Dave Phalen, the bodies of 62-year-old Mary and Milton Clagg Sr. were found in the home.
Fire crews from three different counties responded to assist with battling the fire.

The State Fire Marshal’s office has responded to the scene to sift through the debris. In a report, the State Fire Marshal indicated that there were multiple space heaters throughout the home and many of the electrical outlets had multi-plug adapters, allowing for extension cords to be used for the heaters as well as other electronic devices. The space heaters were also located in close proximity to combustible materials.

It’s not clear what started the fire at this time, but the sheriff said the fire began in the couple’s bedroom.

The home is a total loss, according to fire officials on scene.

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