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WI Firefighters Recount Ice Rescue

Two Fond du Lac (WI) firefighters rescued a snowmobiler who fell through the ice Friday night on Lake Winnebago.

The firefighters described the incident to WBAY ( At around 11 p.m., firefighters were called to Lake Winnebago, where a caller reported someone yelling for help in the water.

“It was ice,” Firefighter/ Paramedic Jake Vogds said. “I tried a couple of times embarrassingly to get up on it, disperse my weight and I kept falling back through so at that point we knew we were going to have to make our way to him blazing a trail.”.

Within 16 minutes of arriving on scene, Vogds and Lieutenant Rick Gerritson were able to safely pull the 47-year-old victim out of the water.

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