Prosecutor Says MA Man Linked to 24 Fires

A prosecutor said in court that a 45-year-old Middleborough man has been linked to 24 fires in an arson spree in Southeastern Massachusetts, reports the Boston Globe.

Mark Sargent is facing arson charges in a West Bridgewater fire on Wednesday night. He was arrested along with his stepson, Jean Marie Louis, 23.

The two men were arrested Wednesday night after a small fire was set at a commercial building under construction in West Bridgewater and State Police, who had secretly attached a GPS tracking device to Sargent’s car, learned the men had been near the property before the fire began.

In court today, a Plymouth County prosecutor said authorities now have evidence linking Sargent to 24 of 38 arson fires that have swept through the southeastern corner of the state in the past several months.

Authorities said that Sargent was stopped by police on Dec. 19, shortly after someone poured gasoline into a boat stored at a Marshfield boatyard, setting it afire. Sargent, who appeared nervous, told police he was “just driving around’’ the area when they stopped him.

On Dec. 21, after obtaining a court order, State Police attached a GPS tracking device to a Toyota Highlander that Sargent was known to drive. They monitored the vehicle driving near six arson fires at the times the fires broke out, authorities said.

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