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Cincinnati Officials Want All Rentals to Have Smoke Detectors

Cincinnati Vice Mayor Roxanne Qualls and Councilman P.G. Sittenfeld are sponsoring legislation to require all rental properties in the city be equipped with photoelectric smoke detectors.

Fire safety experts say those devices are far more effective at detecting smoldering fires than the ionization smoke detectors that most homes have.

Both Sittenfeld and Qualls called the ordinance a first step in making rental property in the city safer in the wake of a New Year’s Day fire that killed two University of Cincinnati students.

Next will be working with property owners, city officials and the University of Cincinnati to make sure rental properties comply with city codes related to occupancy and other health and safety measures, Sittenfeld said.

“We have to make sure landlords aren’t jamming people like sardines into their properties,” Sittenfeld said in Avondale to announce the legislation. “I absolutely look at that as an important next step.”