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Digitech Readies EMS Data Quality Reports

Digitech Computer, Inc. announced today the release of PCR Lens, the latest reporting module for its flagship Ambulance Commander(R) EMS Billing and Dispatch system. PCR Lens will provide EMS administrators, medical directors, crew chiefs, and business analysts a 360 degrees view of operational effectiveness from the standpoint of field data collection. The system presents an opportunity to collate and analyze field data through a straightforward and intuitive user interface.

As private and government insurance providers have become progressively more stringent in their requirements for the documentation of patient care during ambulance runs, EMS providers have found themselves increasingly challenged to capture patient information, document procedures and medications, and come up with accurate narratives to reimbursement of transport claims. A single piece of missing information is often the difference between billable and unbillable claims.

“PCR Lens aggregates the pre-hospital data from each run as it comes across through the Patient Care Report application and puts it into an interactive user interface,” states Walt Pickett II, SVP of and Support for Digitech. “Ambulance Commander can then display the data in a variety of user-defined views, making it easy for EMS leaders to zero in on problems, push training and re-education to
where it’s needed, and identify high performance individuals and crews.”

“We designed this tool to give administrators the ability to compare how well medics are collecting data, how their data aggregation skills compare to other techs in the department, and how the entire organization’s data aggregation skills compare to other municipalities across the country,” says Mark Schiowitz, Digitech’s CEO and President. He added, “These reports make it possible to identify weaknesses in the data collection process, develop responses to correct those weaknesses, and measure improvement. The end result is a more compliant system and better collections.”

“We’re all aware of the need for good data, but we’re piling up mountains of information that we’re not making good use of,” said Kurt Steward, Assistant Director at Dallas Fire Rescue, who was part of the beta test of PCR Lens. “Digitech has provided an extremely useful set of tools to make sense of that data. We are excited to see how we can make use of the data moving forward as part of our Quality Improvement Program.”