Firefighter Training, Firefighting

Surviving the Fireground

Issue 3 and Volume 166.

BY MIKE MASON Firefighters are faced with an ever-changing and dynamic fireground at structural fires. This has made it vitally important to understand what it means to have situational awareness at these incidents: knowing that personal and high-risk aggressive firefighting could lead to injuries and death and that the rules of engagement for a given situation are components of situational awareness. The term “situational awareness” has long been used within the military and, most recently, within the fire service as a concept that enables soldiers and firefighters to make the necessary rapid decisions under extreme stress. A mental mindset for establishing situational awareness would be firefighters’ perceiving elements in the fireground environment that are evolving through space and time, comprehending their meaning, and evaluating their status at the moment and estimating their status in the next moment-in other words, the firefighter must be able to read the physical environment he…

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