Firefighter Training, Hazmat

Hazardous Materials “Sand Traps”

Issue 3 and Volume 166.

BY WILLIAM HELLARD Many of us enjoy a relaxing or frustrating game of golf on our days off. The difference between the two is determined by how well we avoid the sand traps. Sand traps cause frustration, slow down your game, and can ruin the experience altogether. They are not always easy to see until you are in them and are often hard to get out of. The key to avoiding sand traps is to recognize them and avoid them before they become a problem. Unfortunately, we do not get a mulligan when it comes to hazardous materials responses. We must recognize and avoid things that can slow or ruin our “game” before they occur. POOR RESPONSE TACTICS Any good golfer knows the shots approaching the green are just as important as the ones on the green. The same is true in hazardous materials responses. If your commanding officer were…

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