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Promotional Assessment Center Preparation

Issue 3 and Volume 166.

BY FREDDIE FERNANDEZ and DAVID JOHNS The promotional assessment center creates anxiety and fear for many promotional candidates. Put into perspective, these reactions are common when facing the unknown. This fear may discourage capable candidates from participating in the promotional process. The good news is that with proper planning and preparation, the assessment center can become just another day at the office. A day at our office (the firehouse) is typically filled with the unknown. It is our training that allows firefighters to function in a professional manner during any incident. Taking the same approach used in the firehouse for the assessment center will increase confidence, reduce anxiety, and lead to a superior performance. Competent fire officers respond to a variety of emergencies and rely on their preplanning and experience to make good decisions. Subordinate coaching, mentoring, and guidance are a large part of an effective leader’s day. Respected members…

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