Extrication Zone, Fire EMS, Firefighting

Man vs. Machinery

Issue 3 and Volume 166.

By MARK GREGORY Machinery extrication, or “Man vs. Machine,” occurs all across the country. Whether you are a career or volunteer firefighter working in an urban or a rural area, the possibility of going to one of these incidents is ever present. The tools used to disentangle a victim are commonly carried on fire apparatus across the country. Is your department prepared to handle a “Man vs. Machine” emergency? Scenario: Assigned as the officer on your department’s heavy rescue company, you are dispatched to an “unknown type trauma” at a local mill. Initial reports advise of a worker who has his arm stuck in a press-type machine. Units on scene confirm the incident and request an expedited response from your company. The victim is a 24-year-old male who has had both of his arms completely pulled through the rollers of a press machine. Entering the facility, your crew has its…

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