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Developing a Fire Service Training Program

Issue 4 and Volume 166.

BY BRADLEY M. PINSKY If we were to be honest, many of us would admit that our training programs do not reach their potential. Sadly, some training programs are simply ineffective. The existence of a substandard training program increases the likelihood of firefighter injuries and decreases the opportunities to perform skills properly, efficiently, and safely. Issues common to many of our training programs include the following: The training program, if one exists at all, fails to provide firefighters with the skills and knowledge to handle the department’s operational functions. The required number of training hours for interior firefighters frequently is fewer than 30 hours per year. There is no training officer; or, if there is a training officer, the training officer is not qualified to develop, present, or teach the program. Department policies are insufficient to guide the development of training programs. The individual training programs do not follow a…

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