California Heart Transplant Survivor Returns to Full Firefighting Duty

Anthony Robinson,a Vallejo (CA) 54-year-old firefighter, who received a heart transplant two and a half years ago, has returned to full duty fire suppression work, repors The Times-Herald.

Robinson left behind-the-desk work with the San Francisco Fire Department last month, and is now working as commanding captain for the department’s San Francisco Airport division. That, after three years — excluding time he was out for the surgery and recovery — of working what firefighters call “light duty.”

“I joined the fire department to go in and help people … going into burning buildings and fighting fires,” Robinson said. “I’m just excited.”

Robinson noted that passing the firefighter’s physical exam for full fire suppression duty is a difficult task for a healthy 30-year-old, let alone a 50-something with a new heart.

With a new lease on life and his profession, Robinson said he won’t look to retirement for at least another four years.

“I’m just getting started,” Robinson said, laughing, when asked if a quiet retirement loomed.

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