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RescueSim Shows New HLA Capability in Joint UAV Training Simulation

At the Kooy Symposium 2013, Delft Dynamics, specialised in building unmanned helicopters, presented their Universal Simulation Platform for Unmanned Systems (USPvOS). Using this platform, groundstations from unmanned systems can be linked directly to RescueSim using High Level Architecture (HLA), thereby allowing virtual training of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) operators.

RescueSim is a virtual incident management simulator created by simulator developer VSTEP, and allows simulation and training of incidents for emergency services in a safe 3D virtual environment. RescueSim has recently added HLA support and is now interoperable with other HLA compliant simulators for joint and integrated exercises. As an example, RescueSim is now fully compatible with VBS2, making military and antiterrorism training possible within the simulator.

Interfacing with the Universal Simulation Platform for Unmanned Systems developed by Delft Dynamics is another prime example of the new and enhanced training options that RescueSim HLA support offers. Using HLA, RescueSim is made fully interoperable with the real UAV ground station control system, and allows for real-time visualization of the UAV’s behaviour. The coupling with the ground stations is achieved through modular hardware, allowing the USPvOS to be linked to any unmanned system.