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FAAC’s New Driver Training and Safety Blog Online

To initiate a national discussion and raise awareness to the challenges and opportunities of training professional drivers, FAAC Incorporated has created the Driver Training and Safety Blog to host commentary from some of the leading driver training instructors in the country. 

We will explore the profession of driver training, challenges facing the field, tactics and innovations, and share best practices from which readers can benefit. The blog also will illuminate issues and challenges facing the field of modern driver training.

“The markets we serve ultimately serve each of us and the entire public,” said David Bouwkamp, FAAC’s executive director of commercial business development. “It is our hope that by raising the level of awareness through thoughtful and intelligent discussion led by professional driver trainers in these various markets that a difference can be made in preventable incidents, injuries, and fatalities.

“Driving is a perishable skill that must be re-engaged regularly to avoid casualness and complacency.  Our lives depend on it. Our goal is that this forum will serve as a catalyst to improved driving practices.”

Regular contributors include FAAC’s Transit, Emergency Response, and Public Safety Specialists – Louie Maiello, Rob Raheb, and Chuck Deakins – along with top-notch instructors from across the country.

If you are a driver training expert and would like to contribute to the blog site, please contact Mike McLelland at 734-761-5836 or [email protected].