Firefighting, Technical Rescue

Superstorm Sandy: New Jersey’s US&R Response

Issue 6 and Volume 166.

(1) Members of the Ocean County Office of Emergency Management (OEM), the Toms River OEM, and the NJ-TF1 swift water component looking at access to the barrier island. This view is looking east from the base of the Route 37 bridge connecting the mainland with Pelican Island and Seaside Heights across Barnegat Bay. (Photos by Len Dotson, NJ-TF1.) BY ART BLOOMER After the “near miss” of Hurricane Irene in the late summer of 2011, New Jersey first responders took a harder look at dealing with disasters of such magnitude. Most of the state’s emergency personnel had never really experienced storms of this type. So even though we had ample warning for Sandy, no one had any inkling that the devastation would be even a small fraction of what it was. Many nor’easters have come through the state, causing major flooding; tremendous property damage; and, far too often, loss of life.…

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