Apparatus & Equipment, Firefighting, Water & Ice Rescue

Lessons Learned and Reinforced

Issue 6 and Volume 166.

Photo by Bill Hopson. Participants in this report share their “top three” lessons learned and reinforced from Hurricane Sandy. RONALD SPADAFORA, assistant chief and chief of logistics, Bureau of Operations, Fire Department of New York (FDNY) 1 Hurricane contingency plans are based on Evacuation Zones, which relate to the varying threat levels of coastal flooding resulting from storm surge. Ensure that these plans are accessible to all first responders in your agency, and include them in your Incident Action Plan. 2 Preplan for hurricane and severe storm emergencies continuously throughout the year, and involve all levels of command. Maintain a continual liaison with other city, state, federal, and nongovernmental agencies when developing preplanning operations. 3 Company commanders must determine if their firehouses will flood under storm conditions or if their facilities can be used to host relocated companies. They must also evaluate the condition and operational status of emergency generators…

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