Fireground Safety

Jasmine Jahanshahi Foundation Prepares Students Going Overseas

By Ed Comeau

An area where there is a gap when it comes to fire safety is the students that are traveling overseas to study. So often, the standards in other countries are different than ours, as was tragically pointed out on April 14, 2011, when five students were killed in an apartment fire in Paris, France, including Jasmine Jahanshahi.

As a result of this fire, Jasmine’s parents and friends formed the Jasmine Jahanshahi Foundation to help prepare students that are going to be studying overseas. The foundation is working with international study programs to encourage them to provide more information to the students before they leave, and the foundation has put together Jasmine’s Fire Safety Kit which includes smoke alarms, fire extinguishers and escape ladders that can be shipped to the student, the school’s study abroad program or overseas.

The foundation would really like to get the word out there about being prepared when going overseas and the resources that they have available and you can find out more information about the foundation at

Also, there are a series of articles in the May issue of Campus Firewatch that I have posted online. They are about the foundation, a riveting first-person account of the fire that took Jasmine’s life from her roommate, and information about what The George Washington University is doing to help protect its students.

Please help spread the word about Jasmine’s legacy…and thanks!