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New Zealand Firefighter Survives Ceiling Collapse

A New Zealand firefighter experienced a near miss when he became pinned by a collapse ceiling at a house fire in the country’s Waikato region.

Cody Hata, 37, was aboard the second fire engine to arrive at the Claudelands fire, according to the Waikato Times ( A resident died in the fire.

Hata and another firefighter were operating on the interior when the ceiling collapsed on them. Hata was pinned face down on the floor and unable to breathe. Hata managed to inch forward from beneath the debris and escaped the structure unscathed. He attempted to resume work only to realize that his shoulder was injured. He was transported but believes he will be back on the job immediately.

“I’m just pleased it was a house environment because if the same thing happened in a large building or factory, I may not have been so lucky,” Hata told reporters.

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