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NJ Fire Department Resumes Service After Temporary Shutdown

The volunteer fire department of Leonia, New Jersey, was set to resume service Thursday after officials shuttered it in response to allegations of a sexual assault in the firehouse.

A developmentally disabled teenager allegedly molested a 3-year-old boy in a fire station last week, prompting local politicians to shut down the fire department. Firefighters from Teaneck and Fort Lee provided fire protection for Leonia during the shutdown, according to The Record (http://bit.ly/19beZ18).

The move, however, prompted a public outcry by angry citizens, who showed up en masse Monday night in protest.

The teenager, an 18-year-old male who is not a member of the fire department, is accused of inappropriately touching the young son of a firefighter.

Read additional details about the situation at http://bit.ly/19beZ18.

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