Firefighting, Leadership, Volunteer Fire Service

Pump Panel Leadership

Issue 7 and Volume 166.

BY JAMIE M. MITCHELL Pump panel leader (PPL) relates to the position of the new company lieutenant or junior officer and even the senior firefighter. The PPL directly interfaces with the troops. The focus of this position is not as broad as that of captain or chief. In today’s fire service, there is a large, individual focus on strategy and tactics, the management of a fireground without much integration of the personnel side of leadership. We have become too much a “certificate service.” The goal is to bring this type of education back to the level of the junior officers and senior firefighters. I want to be able to deliver the tools PPLs need to resolve the issues they face. PPLs often must overcome personnel issues as they relate to execution of the mission-in short, the “establishment” of their position. Through intrapersonal problems such as jealousy over promotions (bypassing “deserving”…

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