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Configuring Power Blowers

Issue 7 and Volume 166.

BY KAREL LAMBERT Within the scope of the course Postgraduate Studies in Fire Safety Engineering, I wrote a thesis on the use of power blowers for staircase ventilation.1 The project included a study of the literature and also experimental work, and this information produced the framework for a manual on ventilation. The ninth chapter discusses the various ventilator configuration possibilities and is the basis for this article. Firefighters and the literature differ substantially on how ventilators should be configured. Two important factors play a role in this decision: the type of ventilator and the type of ventilation. AIM OF VENTILATION There is a distinction between horizontal and other types of ventilation. In horizontal ventilation, the inlet and outlet openings are on the same floor. A flow of air is created from the inlet opening to the outlet opening. In such an application, it is undesirable to have a two-way flow…

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