Fire EMS, Firefighter Training, Hazmat

EMS and Hazmat: When Your Ambulance Becomes the Hot Zone

Issue 8 and Volume 166.

BY FRANCIS CALIFANO It’s the witching hour. You and your partner are in the last hours of a relatively quiet overnight tour. It looks as if it will be a slow beginning of a new day. Then, you hear: “Two-three Young, for the intox, Seaview and North Railroad on the platform, two-three Young.” You acknowledge the dispatcher, and your partner starts the rig for the all-too-familiar response to an all-too-familiar place. You and your partner argue as to who this morning patient will be or whether a new citizen will make your acquaintance. You arrive at the station, assemble your gear, and head for the stairs to the platform. You encounter a lone gentleman slightly slumped over on a bench. You can see that he is breathing; things are looking good already. He responds to your voice but seems a bit lethargic. He begins to come around but is still…

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