Extrication Zone, Firefighting, Leadership

Blood, Sweat, and Tears

Issue 8 and Volume 166.

  BY BOBBY HALTON Every now and then, you get a letter from a friend that makes you stop and reflect on how good you really have it and how much others are struggling every day just to get by, just to make ends meet. It’s more apparent in the city of Detroit than anywhere else in our great nation that electing incompetent leadership, instituting flawed policies, and tolerating gross negligence can destroy even the greatest of cities. Once one of the gems in America-a place that produced the greatest automobiles in the world, had one of the most vibrant and electric populations, and gave us unparalleled beauty in music and art-it is now struggling to survive, struggling to provide its citizens with the most basic of services. I am just a firefighter, not a social scientist and certainly not a politician, proudly just a firefighter; that’s what made this…

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