Firefighting, Training, Truck Company

Lessons Learned from a Civilian Rescue

Issue 9 and Volume 166.

BY SEAN GRAY THIS IS A MOMENT MOST OF US envision from the time we start recruit academy-the time we hope all of our training will come to fruition and our bodies will be able to perform what our minds are telling us to do. Most of us may never get a chance to be part of a situation like this. I am proud to write about a career-changing event that was 17 years in the making for me and may not ever happen again. At around 0200 hours, Cobb County (GA) Fire and Emergency Services Company 19-A was dispatched to a possible townhome fire. In the initial report, there were no significant reports of any persons trapped or multiple calls from neighbors indicating this would be a working fire. The dispatcher reported, “The caller stated, ‘My house is on fire,’ and hung up the phone.” We’ve all been dispatched…

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