Fire EMS, Firefighting, Leadership

Exceptional Service

Issue 9 and Volume 166.

  BY BOBBY HALTON THERE’S A GREAT LEGEND IN American business that begins as follows: Many years ago in a quiet Arkansas town, an older gentleman parked his beat-up pickup truck and got out on a corner that had two banks. He ambled up the stairs to the first bank. As he opened the door, he noticed that the hours said ‘9 to 12 and 1 to 5.’ As he stepped in, a lady behind a desk looked up briefly and very politely said, ‘Hello, welcome. We’re just beginning our lunch. Would it be possible for you to return at one o’clock when we reopen?’ The gentleman nodded his head, said that would be fine, and walked out of the bank. As he stood on the steps, he noticed the second bank across the street. As he approached the door of the second bank, he noticed that the sign also…

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