Three Police Officers Injured in Philadelphia Fire

Three Philadelphia police officers were injured while rescuing an elderly woman from a fire, reports WPVI-TV Philadelphia.

The scene is right across from the NovaCare Complex.

Residents say firefighters worked feverishly to contain the fire.

Neighbors say 85-year-old Angelo Munao was alone in her home and was unaware it was on fire.

“They were saying ‘Unlock your door, your house is on fire!’ and she was like ‘No it’s not.” The smoke was spreading through all the roofs and the police came and had to get a flower pot to bust her window,”said Vincenzo Didonato.

Three Philadelphia police officers worked quickly to try to get the woman out.

“They kicked in the door, the one cop got severe burns on his arms. It was really bad,” said Michael Beverly.

The woman was not injured but the three officers suffered minor injuries. They were taken to Methodist Hospital for treatment.

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