Firefighter Rescued in Bossier City (LA) Fire

Lightning is blamed for a fire that heavily damaged a Bossier City (LA) home and left a firefighter in a precarious situation, reports KSLA News 12.

The occupants of a two-story home told fire investigators they heard a loud boom and then smelled smoke.

Soon after, flames were shooting out through multiple spots along the roof. Everyone escaped safely, but it took firefighters more than an hour to get the flames under control.

At one point, the fire grew so hot that firefighters had to take a defensive approach.

Bossier City spokesman Mark Natale says one firefighter fell through the roof when it collapsed underneath him. Natale says he managed to hang on until he could be rescued, “But while he was holding on, flames were coming up, practically engulfed him.”

His protective gear reportedly protected the firefighter from the flames around him until he could be pulled to safety.

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