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A 2½-Inch Alternative?

Issue 10 and Volume 166.

BY BILL NEMICK Just about anyone you talk to in the fire service will tell you that you need a 2½-inch line for an interior attack in a commercial building fire. In the past, this was the best option to deliver the quantity of water needed to fight such a fire, but with significant improvements in firefighting hose, a 2½-inch hose may not always be the best option. One of the many hose design improvements over the years drastically reduces friction loss, making it possible to flow more water from any given size hoseline other than what most firefighters are accustomed to. With this ability to flow more water from the same size hoseline, we need to ask the following questions: What if a 1¾-inch hoseline —could easily flow 250 gallons per minute (gpm)? —was actually more flexible than a 2½-inch line? —was much easier and faster to deploy? —needed…

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