Fire Instructor Development, Firefighter Training

How to Build a Cheap Hose Dummy

Issue 10 and Volume 166.

BY SAMUEL HITTLE The value of fireground experience vs. company drilling is a conundrum. Although the experience gained from an alarm of fire is invaluable, training provides precise muscle memory that facilitates good experience. We truly optimize the coalition between experience and drilling when we embrace the ideology that reflective thinking turns a fireground operation into a valuable experience. In other words, if we take time to reflect on our operational experience and curtail our training to reflect areas of growth and forward progress, we can make every experience, whether good or bad, a valuable learning opportunity. Ultimately, drilling is controlled experience with specific focus, and worthwhile experience is the culmination of specific functional fireground assignments that allow for the application of focused drilling. REALISTIC TRAINING PROPS THAT FIT YOUR BUDGET REALISTIC TRAINING WITH LIMITED RESOURCES USING PROPS, SIMULATORS, AND MOCKUPS FOR MORE REALISTIC TRAINING Remember, the greatest enemy to…

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