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Outgoing Los Angeles (CA) Fire Chief Discusses Challenges Facing Department

In a recently posted interview, outgoing city of Los Angeles (CA) Fire Chief Brian Cummings opened up to Los Angeles Magazine about the challenges facing the department as it tries to adapt to the changing emergency response landscape.

As reported previously, it was recently announced that Cummings is slated to retired in early 2014. Former Los Angeles (CA) Fire Department (LAFD) Captain James Featherstone will begin serving as acting chief on the first of November.

In the interview, Cummings described the fact that the department responds to far more emergency medical calls than fires, and focused on his plan to add ambulances to the department to free up firefighters and apparatus for fire calls. He also discussed his desire to have technology that allowed the LAFD to determine where its vehicles were at all times.

Cummings also briefly touched on his conflict with the city’s fire commission.

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