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425 Inc. Unveils Personal Safety Device for First Reponders

Bringing a new level of safety and security to the job for first responders and emergency personnel around the world, 425 Inc., a personal safety device company, today announced the launch of its new Guardian Angel product line.  

As the first of its kind for the emergency responder industry, the Guardian Angel is a wearable (5.2 oz.) lighted device, designed to provide the same immediate visibility and recognition for the wearer as they have in their official vehicles.  

“When first responders and emergency personnel are in their squad car, ambulance or fire engine, they are immediately recognizable in their official capacity primarily because of the mounted lighting,” said Juan Gomez, co-founder of 425 Inc.  “But they leave that behind the moment they step out of their vehicles.”  

“We designed the Guardian Angel to continue to provide the official recognition first responders have while in their vehicles, no matter where they are,” continued Kevin Matte, co-founder of 425 Inc., and inventor of the Guardian Angel.  “Initial police departments whose officers have tested the Guardian Angel have reported not only enhanced safety for their staff, but better interactions with civilians who can immediately determine who the officers or emergency personnel are in a crowd.”

With the latest LED technology, the Guardian Angel provides visibility from more than one mile away, from above, and from a nearly 360-degree radius around the wearer.  In addition, the Guardian Angel product line provides the following features and benefits for users:

The latest lighting technology was utilized for the Guardian Angel, with LED lights that rate up to 900 lumens each.  The lighting options for the wearer also offer enhanced versatility, including: forward-facing lights only, rear-facing lights only, lighting with 360 degrees of illumination and/or above illumination, as well as a utility work light for reading or writing in dark environments.
Guardian Angel product line provides the following features and benefits (cont’d):  

The color combinations available on the Guardian Angel are virtually limitless and can be customized by each professional establishment to reflect their own official color combinations (using any grouping of red, orange, yellow, green, blue and white lights).

The rechargeable, long-lasting battery incorporated into the Guardian Angel will allow for more than 90 hours of continuous use – equal to more than ten professional emergency responder work shifts, or more than two standard work weeks.

The outer housing of the Guardian Angel is ruggedly durable, to prevent damage in extreme working conditions.  To that end, it is also water resistant (meeting international standards), and capable of withstanding even the most punishing of weather conditions, in either hot or cold climates.

Though originally designed to be worn on the epaulette of a professional uniform, the additional mounting options for the Guardian Angel are versatile as well, including a plain clothes mount (with magnet), vehicular mount (with suction cup), bicycle or motorcycle mount, duty belt mount, or alternative metal-surface mount.  

Retailing for $199 per unit, the Guardian Angel is now available for purchase through 425 Inc.’s company website,