Fire EMS, Hazmat, Legal

Response to “One-Pot” Meth Labs

Issue 11 and Volume 166.

BY AUGUST VERNON The “One-Pot” or “Shake-and-Bake” methamphetamine (meth) production method has led to the decrease in the number of “traditional” clandestine drug labs in the United States. One-pot or shake-and-bake cooks have become popular because this method of production necessitates smaller amounts of ingredients, resources, time, and knowledge and fewer skills. The concern for responders is that this more simplified process has increased the potential for fires, explosions, spills, and chemical exposures. A meth lab manufactures illegal, controlled drugs or substances. Pseudoephedrine, a drug used in over-the-counter cold medicines, is the primary ingredient in manufacturing methamphetamine. Up to now, this lab has been the most common type of facility emergency responders encountered. Historically, meth labs have been found in every type of geographic and socioeconomic area and in single- and multiple-family dwellings, motel rooms, campgrounds, mini-storage buildings, and motor vehicles. With the onset of the one-pot method, this process…

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