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Manufacturing and Industrial Fires: Do You Know What You’re Getting Into?

Issue 11 and Volume 166.

BY BEN PEETZ As a classic cartoon often reminded us, “Knowing is half the battle.” And yet, when we look at manufacturing and industrial facilities, many fire departments know nothing about what to expect when it comes to responding to a fire in these properties in their first-due area. Obviously, making regular on-site inspections along with comprehensive preplanning offers you the best means of knowing what you have before you head into it. Unfortunately, limited resources or staffing issues prevent many departments from maintaining these types of programs on a consistent basis. This is the time you must be able to figure out what you have through cues and clues obtained during preincident drive-bys and on-the-fly during a response. (1) Not only can the construction for manufacturing facilities vary widely, but some buildings may be repurposed from the original design based on changes to the interior operations. Here, a bow-truss…

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